Gas Turbine Mechanical Engineer

Leading power-plant is looking for talented mechanical engineers to become a part its team. If you have the skills to solve industry problems and the enthusiasm to be part of a talented and recognized team of professionals, join now!

Department: Commissioning
Project Location(s): Najaf Power-Plant, Iraq
Compensation: $800-$1600


The Mechanical Engineer will manage the design, fabrication, installation, modification, maintenance, and commissioning of gas turbine for power-plant

  • Evaluate design details and functionality to ensure compliance with requirements. Coordinate with Design Engineers, Program Controllers, Program Managers, and Resource Managers to deliver project schedules, resource estimates, clear definition of deliverables, and adherence to the engineering plan and budget;
  • Make client presentations as directed;
  • Assure accurate transmittal of contract information throughout the organization;
  • Attend and participate in a variety of meetings and task force groups to integrate activities, communicate issues, obtain approvals, resolve problems, and maintain specific level of knowledge pertaining to new developments, requirements and policies;
  • Perform special project assignments and other related duties


  • Minimum 5 years experience
  • Electoral, Construction, Assembling and Disassembling of Gas Turbine – Type Frame 9-E (125MW)
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