Plumbing Foreman

Seeking an experienced Plumbing Foreman to lead, assist and delegate responsibility to plumbers for ongoing site maintenance, responsive service and installation.

Department: Maintenance
Project Location(s): Kuwait​
Compensation: 300-500 KD


  • Locates and marks spots for opening in walls and floors for installation of pipes and equipment;
  • Cuts or drills holes and openings in walls and floors;
  • Sets sleeves, thimbles or prepares passages for pipe fittings;
  • Performs cutting, threading, and pipe bending;
  • Places and connects air, gas, and water fixtures and facilities such as hydrants, water mains, water closets, lavatories, showers, sinks, dish washing machines, heaters, and stoves;
  • Tests joints and pipes systems for leaks;
  • Adjusts and repairs leaky taps/faucets or clogged drains;
  • Maintains and repairs exterior water lines, sewer lines and storm drains;
  • Flushes and disinfects systems;
  • Responsible for the safe operation, cleanliness and operator maintenance of assigned vehicle;
  • Prepares and completes required documentation;
  • Observes and complies with applicable safety/environmental standards and safe work practices;
  • Performs other duties assigned.


  • Minimum 5 years experience.
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