7 Common mistakes made by the job seeker while applying for job Online

November 24, 2020 0 Comments

A job application getting rejected in common factor in job search, not everyone gets interview call after applying for the job post. Do you know what’s the other common factor in job search? Unsuccessful submission of job application which end up discarded by the Application Tracking System (ATS). Which is an application used by 95% of companies to manage the entire application process. Here are few important tips while apply for jobs online which will assist in parsing resume successfully in ATS.

1. Resume Format

Always apply Resume/CV in MS word/PDF format and Documents in PDF format. Avoid sending in JPEG/PNG format. PDF files are also great for maintaining the design and format of your resume. Do not include too much fancy formatting, avoid use of tables, text boxes, logos, images, graphics, columns, headers & footers and fancy fonts. Use the keywords which mentioned in the job description. Which is very important to get past in ATS.

2. Resume Writing

Avoid the careers gap in resume more than one year. Many times we receive profiles where last profession mentioned 3 years before. You may have worked last in overseas 2 or 4 years before but in resume mention your current employment details – may be you are working in your family business or some industries in home town.

Think about other activities you can use to fill that time period. You might have experience relevant to your job target, regardless of whether you were paid. Volunteer activities, community involvement, special projects, consulting engagements and continuing education can be used in the Experience section.

Complete resume catches recruiters attention.

3. Customize Your Resume

When you are applying online for multiple roles – customize your resume for each position. Most resumes are reviewed electronically before a human sees them, if your resume doesn’t have the keywords specified in the job description, it will likely be overlooked by the software.

Each job description will list a set of key criteria they need applicants to possess and to increase your chance of success, make sure each of these come through strongly in your CV. For Example if a job seekers applying for the position in Food/Hospitality Industry you may include keywords such as Food Hygiene, Sanitation, Cleanliness, Guest Service, Customer Satisfaction..etc in job description.

4. Emailing Resume

Avoid sending CV’s & Documents through Google Drive link. If you are sending CV’s through drive as link – give access to “anyone can view”. Else its waste of effort as most recruiters inbox will be flooded with job seekers email, they might ignore your email if they not given permission to view the attachments.

5. Email Attachment or ATS Document Upload

Name your file in below format

“Full Name_Resume” Eg: Daniel Moore_Resume

You may be inclined to name you resume document “resume”. It makes sense, especially when it is kept on your computer in your job search folder.

Now look at your resume through the eyes of a hiring manager. If you are the hiring manager and 50 people apply for same position, and 50 of them name their resume document “resume”, who stands out? No one

Include your name in your resume file name, this is way to brand yourself, make hiring manager task easy during screening.

6. Contact Information

In Resume please mention ONLY YOUR CURRENT WORKING CONTACT NUMBER. Many gulf return candidates doesn’t update their contact details in CV, do mention in resume your current location & contact details only. If you require certain notice period to serve to current employer, its best to mention in resume about “Notice Period”

7. Keep Check on your email regularly

If you have applied for a job posted on website or a job portal, then regularly check email you used in job application, also do not forget to check your spam/junk box. Often applicants lose opportunity as he misses the email from the employer which might got lost in junk mails.

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