Travel Advisory – OMAN as update on 27th May 2021

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1. Passengers must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test in Arabic or English. Test of passengers arriving:

  •  on flights that take 8 hours or longer, including transit; must be taken at most 96 hours before arrival;
  •  on flights that take shorter than 8 hours; must be taken at most 72 hours before arrival.
  •  This does not apply to:
  •  nationals of Oman who, after recovering from COVID-19, get a positive COVID-19 PCR test result. They must prove that they completed the quarantine period before taking the test;
  •  passengers younger than 16 years;
  •  passengers with a diplomatic passport traveling on duty.

2. Passengers are not allowed to enter Oman.

  •  This does not apply to:
  •  Nationals of Oman
  •  Holder of resident visa
  •  passengers with a valid visa issued by Oman .
  • VOA facilities are suspended until further notice

3. Until further notice following restrictions apply:
Suspension of entry to the Sultanate to the arrivals from countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, the Republic of Sudan, the Republic of Lebanon, the Republic of South Africa, the Federal Republic of Brazil, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Federal Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Ghana, the Republic of Guinea, the Republic of Sierra Leone and the Democratic Federal Republic of Ethiopia, Arab Republic of Egypt(Effective 7th May 2021) and the Republic of Philippines(Effective 07th May 2021) and those who are arriving from any other country if they have passed any of the mentioned countries within 14 days prior to the request to enter the Sultanate.
Omani Citizens, diplomats, health staff and their families are exempted from above and shall be subject to all other current procedures adopted to enter the Sultanate of Oman.

  •  This does not apply to:
  •  nationals of Oman including family members
  •  diplomats including family members
  •  health staff including family members
  •  domestic workers while traveling with the sponsors

4. All passengers arriving to the Sultanate of Oman are required to have international health insurance covering the cost of treatment from Covid-19 for one month except for citizens, GCC nationals and passengers with free treatment card.
5. Before departure to the Sultanate of Oman, passengers must complete pre-registration via for the PCR test in Oman, pay the twenty-five (25) OMR test fees and download Tarassud+. Airlines must not check in any passenger who did not complete this requirement.
6. All passengers arriving to the Sultanate of Oman are subject to COVID-19 PCR test on arrival, (Tarrasud+) bracelet, quarantine for seven (7) days and COVID-19 (PCR) test on the eighth day.
7. Aircraft crews, and children from aged 15 years and less are exempted from COVID-19 PCR test and Tarassud+ bracelet.
8. Diplomats working at foreign embassies accredited to the Sultanate of Oman and diplomats visiting the Sultanate are exempted from COVID-19 PCR test, Tarassud+ and the bracelet however, they are subject to a seven-day quarantine.
9. Effective 02pm on from Monday 29th March 2021, all passengers arriving Oman must book accommodation in hotels and institutional isolation via the (Sahala) platform on ( passenger must confirm the booking prior to check in to avoid non acceptance.

10. Following category are exempted from presenting pre-confirmed hotel reservations before they are checked in at the airport of departure: –

aOmani Nationals – but must undergo home quarantine as advised by the Health officials on arrival.
b. Until 1800 local time – 11th May 2021 Family members of expats holding residence visa travelling with children less than 18 years. This exemption will be removed effective 1800 Local time – 11th May 2021
c. Diplomats working at foreign diplomatic missions accredited to the Sultanate, diplomats visiting the Sultanate and their families.
d. Arrivals from age of 18 and less if travelling alone, and arrivals at the age of 60 and above.
e. Aircrew, subject to the precautionary measures issued by the Ministry of Health.
f. Sick passengers whose health conditions require special attention as per the attached health form. The exception includes two companions with female or under 18 years old patients and only one companion with male patient above 18
g. Holders of permits for private institutional isolation centers that are pre-approved by the Relief & Shelter Sector.
h. For sea crews moored in the territorial waters if the Sultanate, airlines are obliged to ensure that there is a hotel reservation covering the duration of their stay in Oman based on the letter of the shipping agent.

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